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Not all your health care providers need to know all your health information. It depends what your health care providers do for you.

In many cases, your doctor should know as much as possible about your health, including information that you might find embarrassing. The doctor can give you the best advice when she has all the facts that might be important.

But not all doctors need to know everything. Your family doctor might need to know as much as possible to give you the best advice and guidance. But sometimes your specialist only needs to know specific things about your current health information and may need to know less about your past.

For example, a doctor treating you today may not need to know about a past abortion or a childhood broken bone. It may depend on the reason you’re seeking treatment now.

In most cases, pharmacists need to know about all the drugs you are taking, so they can use their knowledge and training to make sure that any risks of bad interactions or side effects can be managed.

Other Health Care Providers
You might also see other types of health care providers - like physiotherapists, social workers, nurse practitioners and others who might work with your doctor or clinic. These people might need to know only specific things about your health.

You can talk about this with your health care provider. You have a right to be comfortable with what they know and what you tell them.